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What to wear, what not to wear, look stylish, how to be stylish . . .

These are all searches performed by several thousand women every day.  That's why How to Look Stylish has become a big seller. 

How To Look Stylish contains a host of detailed information on becoming stylish.  It provides detailed advice for eight women who are guided through a personal makeover by eight expert international image stylists. It also covers

  • Identifying your body shape (eight shapes) and choosing the right clothes

  • Choosing accessories

  • Culling your wardrobe

  • Understanding the impact of colour

  • Creating illusions

  • Selecting shoes

  • Changing your basic body shape

  • Defining your signature style

It's a very informative book which has helped many women transform their lives.

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How do you get paid?

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Clickbank sends checks out twice a month. They provide free online statistics with real time updates, so you can see how much commission you have earned at any time. After you obtain your referral ID (login code) and password, access their site for full details. They are an excellent company to deal with and are well regarded among the Internet community.

How do you start?

Get set up with Clickbank (It's free and takes about 2 minutes).

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To tell you the truth, we want you to be successful and earn commissions from the sale of our book. Here are a few simple suggestions to increase your sales.

Tip No. 1

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Tip No. 3

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Tip No. 4

In order to write an effective recommendation, you really need to read the Book. We suggest that you buy it for yourself from your own site and get 35% off. After reading it, you will be much better at telling your clients how good it really is.

As an affiliate, you have our permission to copy any of the text, images or testimonials from www.becomestylish.com.

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