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How to Look Stylish - everything you've ever wanted to know about looking good, particularly if you are a "real woman" with a real woman's body.

1. Who is the book written for?

2. Can I buy the book if I live outside the United States?
3. I don’t have a credit card – how else can I pay?
4. How do I open and read the ebook?
5. How secure are Clickbank?


1. Who is the book written for?
How to Look Stylish has been written for any woman who is not happy with the way she looks.  In particular it is aimed at real women.  What do we mean by real women?  The majority of us - that's who!  We don't have perfectly slim and well proportioned bodies.  We don't look like anorexic models. Women of all ages who don't have "perfect" bodies. Women who go shopping and end up with clothes which don't fit properly, don't flatter their shape or don't suit their colouring. 

It's designed to make women more confident about their clothing choices so they give the right impression in every situation.  Looking stylish really boosts your self confidence. With better self esteem you can do anything!

2. Can I buy the book if I live outside the United States?
If you have a credit card you can pay for the book from anywhere in the world.

3. I don’t have a credit card – how else can I pay for the system?
You can mail an international money order made out to “Commonsense Marketing ” for the specified amount .

Please post your money order to:

Commonsense Marketing Pty Ltd
27 Anakie Drive
Cornubia Qld 4130

Once we receive your payment and it has been cleared we will email you the book and bonuses in PDF format.

4. What is an ebook and what do I with it?
An E-BOOK is an ELECTRONIC BOOK. Do not mistake this for a Physical Hard Cover Book - IT IS NOT! Basically it is information stored electronically, which can come in a variety of formats (even html or text!), but is more commonly provided as a PDF, which is how this book is provided. In order to read the downloaded PDF book you will need to have Acrobat Reader on your computer. You can download a copy of Acrobat Reader for free by going to www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html and following the prompts. Once you have downloaded and saved the e-book to your computer you can print it out if you prefer to read a hard copy rather than reading it on-screen.

5. How secure is Clickbank?

Clickbank is the internet’s largest on-line distribution center for electronic products. The following information about their security is from their website. You can see the original at www.clickbank.com/overview.html.

Advanced Security -
Clickbank uses sophisticated international fraud control to screen all purchases. For maximum card security, all orders are sent directly to the banking network for immediate authorization. We do not store any credit card or bank account numbers. We have used Clickbank’s secure server for you to pay for and down-load the book, so we never get to see your credit card details.



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